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Tulsa moving to different consortium

Tulsa City-County Library has announced their move to a different Interlibrary Loan consortium. They will no longer be a participant in Oklahoma’s WorldCat Resource Sharing Group. We would like to thank them for their many years of partnership with Oklahoma libraries in statewide resource sharing. You will want to return materials borrowed from them so they can clear records from OCLC.

New Interlibrary Loan Code 2016

We have a new code prepared by the Interlibrary Loan Committee, Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), 1994, revised 2001. Revised by the Codes, Guidelines, and Technical Standards Committee, Sharing and Transforming Access to Resources Section (STARS) 2008 and 2015. Approved by RUSA Board January 11, 2016.

Please take time and look this important document over.

The .PDF can be found here:



Getting started with WorldCat Discovery

WorldCat Discovery and FirstSearch will continue to operate in parallel as OCLC develops a new version of FirstSearch and continues to add features to WorldCat Discovery. Access to the current version of FirstSearch will continue into 2017 while this development occurs. WorldCat Local and WorldShare Management Services subscribers have access to WorldCat Discovery and all optional features.

When you’re ready to move from FirstSearch to WorldCat Discovery, let us know and we’ll send you your WorldCat Discovery URL.  Register to get your WorldCat Discovery URL

Here is the FAQ page.

Help with WorldShare

If you need any help with your WorldShare application please go to either WorldShare ILL documentation:

or to WorldShare ILL training:

Almost all the training for ILL is FREE, including online classes with an instructor. Their expert support and training is part of the cost paid for by IMLS. I want to remind everyone to please start lending to in-state libraries and if you can to out-of-state libraries to build a relationship of sharing.  

Also please check our catalog, which is built on WorldCat Local discovery at   We lend DVD and audio books, we should be your first stop when shopping for Interlibrary Loan. We have also added our databases (statewide as well as some local to our holdings in WorldCat. Please check this out as it will look similar to using WorldCat Discovery.

Thank you and keep sharing your resources and supplying materials to your patrons.

IMPORTANT UPDATE about end of access to WorldCat Resource Sharing

IMPORTANT UPDATE about end of access to WorldCat Resource Sharing


There is now just one date for you to remember in completing your transition from WorldCat Resource Sharing to WorldShare ILL:




All WorldCat Resource Sharing users must use WorldShare ILL for all ILL activity on this date. 


This means initiation of new requests in WorldCat Resource Sharing will not end on April 14 as previously announced.


Most OCLC ILL members are now actively using the WorldShare ILL service, and OCLC is monitoring progress of approximately 900 WorldCat Resource Sharing libraries not yet using the new service.





REMINDER: ILLiad users do not need to make any changes to your ILL workflow.


ILL staff using WorldShare regularly let us know which new features they like most. Here is the “Top 10” list of reasons to use WorldShare ILL:


  1. 15-library lender string saves staff time and increases fill rates.
  2. Integration of lender Days to Respond means I no longer need to manually track Enter My Symbol Twice (EMST) libraries.
  3. Integrated Article Exchange workflow improves the upload process.
  4. Easy-to-see Alerts tell me when a document has been delivered via Article Exchange.
  5. OPAC links for borrowers reduce requests for items available in my library.
  6. OPAC links for lenders means locating requested items in my library is faster.
  7. Viewing lender charges and use of IFM in holdings displays help me quickly choose the best lenders.
  8. Customized book strap lets me print my library’s logo and include a note to the requestor.
  9. As a lender, I can save the Local ID field before printing a request so I can retrieve materials quickly from library shelves.
  10. Open access links to freely available materials let me deliver no-cost materials to my users quickly.


Need help getting started? 

ü  Visit for training and documentation resources.

ü  Contact OCLC Support in your region with specific questions about using the service.